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True Crime Historical Crime Podcast Murthered

True Crime the Way Jane Austen 

Might Have Told It.



Return with Charlotte Easter Earl to the annuls of historical crime. Enter through your mind's eye into cultures and societies of long ago. Walk along the paths where the lives of otherwise obsure people wander into history's notice, and be there when their fates lead them to meet their killers, known and unknown.



Ladies and Grudges,
Murders and judges,
Gentlemen of horrendous description.
Executions, scientific explanations,
Sex and scenery,
Lives and misery,
Where neighbors bebothered

Are Most Foully Murthered

Listener Reviews


"MORE, MORE, MORE, dear woman

Very enjoyably told. I'm loving this podcast."


"Love this, beyond all measure. True crime, in the accents of Katherine Hepburn,
of vintage mysterious unsolved and scandalous goings on."


"Love it, can't wait for more. This is a great podcast! Keep them coming!"


"A new favorite!I just love this. I only wish they came out more often, but I think each episode must take a while to research and write. Worth it!"
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