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Charlotte Easter Earl (nom du plume) is a mystery fiction authoress and an historical crime podcast hostess with both a legal and performing arts background. She trained for eighteen years as a classical ballet dancer, earning her B.F.A. from Belhaven College, in Jackson, Mississippi. After she traded in her pointe shoes for a law degree, she took up writing. She wrote her first story, The Voiceless Scream, for a law school class, and the manuscript garnered a coveted law school book award. She graduated summa cum laude from the St. Thomas University School of Law in Miami Gardens, Florida in 2010.  

After becoming a lawyer, Charlotte once again took up her law school story submission. First putting it through several rounds of ruthless edits, she launched it as her first book through, thus making her entry into the fascinating world of indie authors. In 2014, she created the ongoing podcast, Most Foully Murthered. In 2015, she founded her independent publishing house, Middlemarch Press. 

Expanding on her knowledge of social media platforms, Charlotte led the social media campaign for the P.G. Wodehouse Society’s 2017 Convention in Washington, D.C.: “Mr. Wodehouse Goes to Washington.” This convention saw her make her stage debut in the role of Madeline Bassett for the Ken Ludwig short play, Jeeves and the American Revolution

Charlotte is passionate about language studies. She has spent years training in English elocution. Particularly, she studied Received Pronunciation under the tutelage of the British-American dialect and voice coach, Paul Meier. She studied French at l'Institut de Français in Villefranche-sur-Mer, and is steadily reaching fluency.  She is also working towards future fluency in the German language, and has even made a cautious beginning in Japanese language studies. 

Among her future artistic goals, Charlotte plans to release her titles in the audio book format, to introduce a series of audio recordings of lesser-produced works in the public domain, and she hopes to one day write a novel entirely in the French language. 

Charlotte and her husband, Mr. Easter Earl, currently live in Arlington, Virginia. They love to make bicycle excursions together into the District of Columbia, and to spend rare free days playing tourist in their home patch. Charlotte is an avid admirer of all things British murder mystery, and many a midnight hour catches her watching a Midsomer Murders episode for the tenth time. 

The Arduous Case of the Lost Princess, A Hercules Potato Adventure, is available for sale where ever books are sold online.  To read more of Charlotte's work, visit Please direct enquiries to 



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