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Middlemarch Memes


The Internet is awash with quotes and attributions that catch the eye even if they miss the truth. Floating up through your feeds, do you not often read suspiciously modern language splashing out from the minds of speakers who died a century or more ago? Is this authentic? You may ask yourself, as you are torn between sharing a pithy quote, or pausing first in order to use years of your life to track down its authenticity so as to be a responsible captain of your own internet vessel. That is why Middlemarch Memes come to you with a guarantee of authenticity. Our memes are sourced directly from novels, interviews, letters, newspapers, films and television shows, all carefully documented in the citation archives at When you share a Middlemarch Meme, you can be confident that you are sharing verified knowledge, certified opinion, and properly attributed humour.


Middlemarch Press, Literature Lives Here.

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