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The Arduous Case of the Lost Princess, A Hercules Potato Adventure

"As a lifelong devotee of murder mysteries and detective plots, Charlotte Easter Earl’s exhilarating narrative caught me by surprise.  In a parallel world perceived through the eyes, noses, and brains of canines, her main protagonist and detective hero is a diminutive anthropomorphic quadruped. The story combines serious olfactory detective work with whimsy and humor. Bipeds of all ages will revel in the perceptive imagery, especially when the mystery is solved with flare and imagination. A new dimension to the crime genre has just been conceived, and as the best detectives have told us, it is all in the nose...."
—Janusz Bugajski, author of Journeys of No Return: The Balkan Sagas of Anvil Kutlas (available on Amazon), currently penning a sequel entitled Trapping the Bear: The Russian Sagas of Anvil Kutlas.

"The Arduous Case of the Lost Princess is a unique, captivating and exciting read that is guaranteed to take readers on an adventure that is unlike anything they have experienced before . . . Earl entertained me from beginning to end thanks to her bizarre but fantastic story . . . an incredibly talented author who clearly knows how to write unique but engaging stories . . . ."

—Aimee Ann, book reviewer at RedheadedBooklover.

Hercules Potato may look like he's more potato than god, but this Belgian Griffon is the dog for the case.


In the lovely spread of peaceful life that is the village of Dale-on-Tweedy-Down, resides Hercules Potato, Belgian Griffon and famed detective. 


Relying upon the aid of “the scents and the logic” to solve his cases, he enjoys an impeccable reputation for solving any mystery that crops up to puzzle the canine community. 


His latest case involves a lost dog, an impossible Borzoi calling herself the Princess Anastazia. She looks to Hercules Potato to trace four scents that must surely lead back to the palace where her true human hero lives. As the clues take him far from home, will the scents and the logic be enough for Hercules Potato to solve case?

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Murthered True Crime Podcast Historical Mystery Fiction Suffragette Eleanor
The Voiceless Scream

Quiet and complacent Eleanor Hanna is jolted out of her silent reveries when she encounters a strange, unsettling woman and an inexplicable paranormal force on a late summer day in the year 1915. As the mystery begins to engulf her, it sets her on a collision course with the injustices of involuntary commitment and the hideous aspirations of the popular eugenics movement. If Eleanor Hanna is going to solve the puzzle in time to save the strange woman from an insane asylum, she must shed her quiet complacency, summon her courage, and rally to the hour of greatest need. 

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