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A Hercules Potato Adventure

Charlotte Easter Earl

Midsomer graveyard.

The Arduous Case of the Lost Princess

Available Where Ever Books Are Sold Online!

New Series

True Crime Podcast & Mystery Fiction 

Welcome to Middlemarch Press, the home of mystery, adventure, and historical true crime tales, with even a little bit of the supernatural spun in for a twist. We bring you literary books, podcasts and other content, inspired by the great writers of a bygone day, though we do let in a few modern elements when the spirit moves us. We offer a unique voice to the publishing world, and we are confident that what you find here you cannot find elsewhere.


Our site is yours to explore and do please become a subscriber while you are here. Subscribers receive exclusive, "First-to-Know" status. This means that whenever a new book becomes available, or other new content posts to the site, we tell you about it first. We are also dedicated to providing our subscribers with content we do not make available to the general public, and we delight in sending out secret missives meant only for subscribers eyes. Come for the mysteries, stay for the exclusivity.


Middlemarch Press, Literature Lives Here. 

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